About ARI. Takes over

Soo bascially, like, in summary, i make weird shit xx but here is the full story below:

Not so long ago... I had an identity crisis where I used to be "ARI. Productions" then had a break from art in 2022 and had a realisation that... "ARI. Takes over" reflected my personality and aesthetic much better (and the name was just had way more swag) 

From Auckland, New Zealand, I wish to expand and share my silly art and apparel with the rest of the world. 

One women team, Arionne aka. ARI. the lady behind this mess! "ARI. takes over" new birthday is 7th April 2023. Originally started in 2019 when I was completing my Bachelor of Art and Design degree, then graduated at the end of 2021 (I suppose that's when I questioned all the art I did... university ruined me) But then I gave birth to my new identity.

Inspired by tattoo-like illustration work, graffiti art, London and Berlin street fashion, skate brands from the US, AUS and NZ and arts and crafts. I wish to continue to convey my emotions through different mediums to extend my artistic ability and make fun silly pieces. 

ARI. Takes over is a brand full of exciting and new trends I sure some of you will enjoy xx (and stupid shit too).

Ari. xx